Off Road

We offer a full maintenance and repair service to off road motorcycles, both four stroke and two stroke machines.

We provide service and maintenance work, parts fitting and repair, fault diagnostics, engine rebuilds and component servicing. Listed Here is guide for some of the most popular work we do.
(please note some makes and models vary in price so please contact us to get a make and model specific quotation)

Four Stroke Valve clearance check and carburetor air idle inspect/adjust ( no parts as we will exchange any shims needed for ones in our stock).

Four stroke motocross/endurance bike service, includes oil and filter change, spark plug clean and gap or replace if necessary, air filter clean or replace if necessary, valve clearance check and adjust, chain adjust, brake fluid replace if required, Tyre pressures and full check over and adjust where necessary.

Four stroke complete engine rebuilds, engine in or out of the bike.